PST Electronics is the brand owner for Pósitron and a Stoneridge joint venture company.

Pósitron launches its new line of automotive and motorcycle alarms with unique microprocessor, that present reduced size, additional features and accessories. In the segment of transport management, the innovations in telemetry allow transportation companies to educate truck drivers, reduce operational costs and control pollutant emissions. Pósitron has equipped the exclusive car audio model with Android system and internet access via Wi-Fi and 3G.

Car and Motorcycle Alarms

Pósitron launches three new models of car alarms: Cyber ​​PX, FX and Cyber ​​Exact and a new alarm line for motorcycles: DuoBlock PX G6, DuoBlock FX G6 e DuoBlock Pró G6. The products have a unique microprocessor exclusively developed by Pósitron, which ensures greater memory capacity and provides more functionality for consumers. Furthermore, the module size was greatly reduced and the remote control has been redesigned.

One of the new features is the “secret button” function present on Cyber PX: unless this button is pressed, the motor starter is blocked and the alarm goes sounds each time the ignition is turned on or a vehicle door is opened.

In the DuoBlock alarm line for motorcycles, the differential is integrated into the 3D accelerometer module, which identifies more precisely the horizontal and vertical movements on the bike, detecting possible parked motorcycle violation attempts.

Alarm line accessories: RD100 and 2Way Remote Control

RD100: This module can be connected to the alarm line Cyber and ​​DuoBlock, which allows the user to lock or unlock the starter of the vehicle via radio frequency. To do so, the user needs to enable the remote locking service and request the command via the Call Center.

2way: This remote control allows triggering Pósitron alarm installed in the vehicle and receiving visual, audible and vibrating alerts. It is compatible with Cyber alarm line ​​ (from 2005 on) and Exact 2013.

Dual Pósitron: Secure and profitable transport management

Pósitron released a set of telemetry solutions which monitors vehicle and driver performance,  detects possible flaws in the process and improves vehicle fleet management while maximizing customer results.

With solutions and coverage throughout the Brazilian territory, Dual Pósitron is used to control and to reinfoice vehicle, driver and cargo security. The benefits of the service include: logistical reports, drivers and fleet performance metrics, control of working hours, and even a contribution in the sustainability area, through the emissions and discharge of polluting reports.

The load module composed of sensors and actuators, was designed to ensure cargo security and risk management. These components are installed in different locations of the vehicle, as the bodywork, doors or inside the cabin and detect any unusual movement or a not scheduled action, such as a door opening in the passenger side.

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