The Optimo tool has been specifically designed for the Tachograph workshop environment.  It aims to increase workshop efficiency by being easy to use and containing many useful software applications, making it much more than just a tachograph programmer.  This ruggedized PC will not only help Workshops with life today, but can easily be updated with new software features in the future. Its 8” touchscreen provides easy navigation and users can quickly zoom in/out for easier viewing. 

Building on the success of the Stoneridge MKII tachograph programmer, the new Optimo focuses on speed and ease of use, providing wireless programming and calibration for all radio style tachographs.

Optimo also allows users the option to switch the 2nd source of motion function on/off in SE5000 tachographs and all VDO variants – the only tool in the market to do so.

The Tacho Swap application saves time when replacing tachographs. This eliminates the need to manually write down important tachograph parameters as the Optimo will read, store and send the data automatically. Furthermore, as data from the last connected tachograph is automatically stored and retained even after the Optimo is switched off the Workshop won’t lose their work.

Listening to customer feedback Stoneridge has incorporated the SE5000 Configuration System into the Optimo, allowing the user to configure a standard SE5000 tachograph for a specific vehicle type without the need for additional tools or equipment.

Selecting the correct tachograph and sensor has never been easier, as Optimo also contains a Cross Reference List.  And for those needing assistance on installation instructions, they can save time by accessing over 270 simple and up to date Product Application Sheets at the touch of the screen.Moreover, the all-in-one tool also includes a feature to test sensors, allowing the tachograph fitter to check that the sensor is working through the Optimo without having to move to another device to test it.

Optimo also provides storage space for pdf documents, enabling users to create a personal library of important reference material. And since the Optimo will quickly become the essential workshop tool, there are lots of different charging solutions to ensure it’s the tool that can be relied on.