The SE5000 Exakt Duo from Stoneridge not only calculates drive time in line with the One-Minute Rule legislation, saving drivers on average 45 minutes a day, but has some great new features to help drivers organise and manage their time efficiently. The Duo allows the driver to see drive and rest time countdowns on the tacho screen giving them information and useful warnings when they need to stop for their breaks or when they can start driving again, keeping them in line with the Drivers’ Hours legislation. And with its remote download capabilities it also works together with Stoneridge’s digiDL remote download solution to make fleets more efficient, saving time with manual downloading.

Stoneridge caught up with some of their fleet customers who have been using the SE5000 Exakt Duo digital tachograph since its introduction last March.

“The Duo tachograph is great for getting an accurate countdown on driving hours,” said Roger Mead, Transport Compliance Manager at BM Tankering Ltd.  “I’m so impressed with the way it has helped us cut down on driver infringements that I’m considering changing the rest of my fleet over to the Duo.”

Moreover, the SE5000 Exakt Duo was the first tachograph on the market to offer this great, new functionality and remains the only tachograph to offer the new feature at no extra cost in both the Aftermarket and to OEMs. But Stoneridge hasn’t stopped there with helping fleets optimise their operations and have developed a suite of tools and Smartphone Apps to aid fleet managers and drivers in their daily duties. With the Duo Mobile App drivers can get all the real time information from the Duo on their smartphone making it even easier for them to monitor their driving time, and with the Tacho Center App tachograph data can be downloaded and managed wirelessly.

For fleet managers unsure about the switch to the One Minute Rule tachograph Stoneridge has a handy Comparison Tool that helps fleets calculate their specific savings they could make with an SE5000 Exakt Duo.

There is also a comprehensive and free training section available with useful instruction videos and tutorials, designed to help get the fleet manager and driver reaping the benefits of the Duo right from day one.

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