Putting safety first with MirrorEyeTM


Stoneridge places customer safety at the heart of their product development. Nothing highlights this more than the development of their new range of vision systems, designed to give drivers a better all-round view of the truck.

Stoneridge is  pleased to present its unique mirror replacement system, MirrorEyeTM. Using the latest in automotive technology the system replaces traditional mirrors with cameras and interior displays, enhancing safety by the removal of blind spots so drivers are better aware of dangers around their vehicle such as pedestrians and cyclists.

Moreover, with the removal of side mirrors the vehicle is more streamlined, achieving better fuel economy. This advantage alone can pay for the system and improve the operator’s bottom line.

Furthermore, due to the angle of the displays being narrower than rear view mirrors, the driver will spend less time moving their gaze from side to side, thus minimizing the time their eyes are off the road.

The goal with this system is to outperform traditional mirrors in all situations and other value-added features include a self-cleaning function to eliminate problems with rain and dirt, an advanced defrosting system for winter driving, night vision to make maneuvering at night safer and easier and advanced image handling to minimize glare caused by direct sunlight.

With the most advanced panning system on the market the mirror replacement system can be set up to follow trailers, merging lanes and more and with its clever design it will always keep track of the image displayed with no latency to ensure a reliable view in the display for the driver.

In addition to MirrorEyeTM, which is designed to handle class II and IV mirror views (rear views of the vehicle) Stoneridge is also developing TopEye, for classes V and VI (front and side views of the vehicle). TopEye can be mounted at various points on the vehicle to offer better visibility in front and to the sides of the truck, as well as offering all the same benefits as MirrorEyeTM in terms of picture quality.

Trials in the field of both products have proven very successful among drivers who were impressed with the increased visibility and in particular the angle they get with MirrorEyeTM when reversing, greatly reducing the likelihood of collision with external objects.

About Stoneridge, Inc.

Stoneridge, Inc., headquartered in Novi, Michigan, is an independent designer and manufacturer of highly engineered electrical and electronic components, modules and systems principally for the automotive, commercial vehicle, motorcycle, agricultural and off-highway vehicle markets. Additional information about Stoneridge can be found at www.stoneridge.com.

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