Stoneridge Launches FMCSA Certified EZ-ELDTM Electronic Logging Device
Simple, secure ELD solution is cost-effective and easy to use

Novi, Michigan, April 24, 2017 – Stoneridge, Inc. today announced the availability of their new, cost-effective electronic logging device (ELD) solution – the Stoneridge EZ-ELDTM.  With an easy-to-use mobile app for drivers and quick “Plug and Play” installation, it has never been simpler to get started on the road to ELD compliance.

The Stoneridge EZ-ELDTM is the only ELD solution on the market that comes with three interchangeable on-board diagnostic (OBD) port connectors included, at no extra cost, as well as the unique Scan and DriveTM truck pairing system. Having today gained Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) certification, the EZ-ELDTM is available for purchase online, through select Pollak® Aftermarket retailers and shortly to be distributed via a variety of truck stops.

Headquartered in Novi, Michigan, Stoneridge has over 50 years of vehicle technology experience and a four-decade history in the European tachograph sector.

“With over 40 years of experience in developing fleet compliance solutions, we understand the concerns fleet operators, owner-operators and drivers can have,” says Stuart Adams, head of Aftermarket Business Unit, North America, Stoneridge. “We have used our expertise to specifically design a very easy and secure ELD solution, making the ELD introduction as stress-free as possible and making it easier for fleets to compete in this new environment. ELD compliance couldn’t be easier using the EZ-ELDTM.”

With the new Stoneridge EZ-ELDTM, everything is about simplicity. The installation is an easy “Plug and Play” process whereby the EZ-ELDTM device is simply inserted into the truck’s OBD port. Thanks to the unique Scan and DriveTM technology, Stoneridge has made it very quick for drivers to operate between vehicles and get on with their jobs.  Drivers simply scan a QR code to securely connect the EZ-ELDTM smartphone app to the device, and they are ready to hit the road. Once fitted with the Stoneridge EZ-ELDTM, trucks will be fully compliant with the FMCSA’s ELD regulations.

Unlike any other brand on the market, Stoneridge offers three interchangeable OBD connectors with the device, making it easy to switch between vehicles with a 9-pin, 6-pin or OBDII on-board diagnostic port and eliminating the need to buy another device or expensive accessories if you change or upgrade your truck.

Drivers will find the Stoneridge EZ-ELDTM smartphone or tablet app interface easy to navigate, making tracking hours of service easier and more accurate, while ultimately helping to improve road safety. When drivers are out on remote, long-haul drives where connectivity can be an issue, the Stoneridge EZ-ELDTM has them covered by storing up to six months of data securely encrypted on the device which is longer than some other solutions. It is also compatible with both iOS and Android.

Ray Kirkland, a driver who has tested the solution, says, “Stoneridge is really looking out for the drivers with their low-cost EZ-ELDTM, which is really easy to use.”

Back in the office, fleet operators can easily manage drivers and devices in the same fleet simultaneously and get full visibility of drivers’ hours via the Stoneridge EZ-ELDTM software. Features include GPS vehicle tracking and historic position information per truck, Hours of Service (HOS) and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR). Stoneridge is committed to serving the trucking industry and will continue to add features and benefits to their devices and apps now and in the future.

The Stoneridge EZ-ELDTM costs just $149, with a $15-a-month software subscription, although savings are available for annual subscriptions at only $150.

With the 2017 ELD regulation deadline fast approaching, motor carriers should be thinking about what solution fits their needs. To find out more about the new Stoneridge EZ-ELDTM, visit, call 844-221-4ELD (4353) or email

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