Whether driving a passenger car for personal use or managing a commercial fleet, everyone on the road wants to get to their destination as efficiently as possible. As fuel efficiency standards continue to advance, Stoneridge solutions help OEMs improve fuel economy without compromising vehicle performance or component durability.

Stoneridge partners with OEMs to help advance fuel technologies through enhanced engine performance and increased operating efficiency. MirrorEye is transforming commercial vehicle safety while reducing fuel consumption through advanced aerodynamics. The front axle disconnect improves drivetrain efficiency when 4WD/AWD capabilities are not needed. Stoneridge actuators improve performance by providing precise control of the wastegate on turbocharged engines. Fleets can maximize their fuel efficiency by implementing Stoneridge telematics solutions, which help track vehicles and identify optimal routes and vehicle speed.

With OEMs and drivers demanding ever-greater vehicle performance, Stoneridge is driving comprehensive solutions that reduce fuel consumption and save on operating costs.


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