Innovative Design

Stoneridge products help customers satisfy the need for more sophisticated and extensive electronic content in their vehicles.  Systems and individual products are high-quality, cost-effective and flexible to meet each customer’s needs, and the Company’s global organization is quick to develop new products and applications that adapt to changing technologies and market demands.

Mirror Replacement

Stoneridge’s mirror replacement system, is a highly advanced product with the latest technologies from the automotive world. Replacing the traditional rear view mirrors with displays on the A-pillars and cameras will save significantly on fuel consumption and remove blind spots created behind traditional mirrors. Another safety benefit is the fact that since the displays are positioned at a narrower angle than rear view mirrors, the driver will spend less time moving the gaze from side to side, minimizing eyes off the road time. Stoneridge’s goal with the system is to outperform traditional mirrors in all situations and also include more functions to further add value. For example the self-cleaning function eliminates problems with rain and dirt. Difficulties with direct sunlight are also minimized thanks to advanced image handling. In the winter time defrosting the system is done in seconds, not in minutes as with mirrors, and when driving in the dark night vision makes maneuvering safe and easy. Automatic panning of the cameras is a necessity for mimicking the behavior of a normal mirror. Stoneridge mirror replace system has the most advanced panning system on the market which can be set up to follow trailers, merging lanes and more. And last but not least, a reliable view in the display for the driver is the priority of the system. This is achieved thanks to the clever architecture which always keeps track of the image displayed with no latency. The system is also prepared for information from more sensors since the platform is so powerful.

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Stoneridge Innovation Truck

The latest addition to the Stoneridge family is our very own Innovation Truck. At Stoneridge innovation is key to help us grow our product portfolio and provide customers with the products of the future. Building a live platform, in the form of our Innovation Truck, was a natural step. The plan is to use it as a place for trying out new concepts as well as performing more long-term tests. Right now it is equipped with a full display cluster featuring QT graphics and a customized Stoneridge connectivity platform. The truck also has our latest generation tachograph, the SE5000 Exakt Duo2, which studies have shown reduces driver infringements by an average of 60%.

The Innovation truck also features Stoneridge’s unique Mirror Replacement system, replacing traditional mirrors with cameras and interior displays. The industry leading product enhances both safety and fuel economy.

FCD4 – Fully Configurable Dashboard

At the IAA 2014 Stoneridge launched their next generation of truck driver information systems – The Fully Configurable Dashboard 4. The FCD4 features a full display cluster, an integrated rear view mirror system and eye tracking, which opens up to new possibilities for driver vehicle interaction. The traditional central information display is replaced with a tablet, which allows for removal and use outside of the truck. Apart from the basic functions like navigation, media player and climate control Stoneridge has chosen to equip the tablet with 6 custom apps to facilitate the truck driver’s everyday life. For example there is a Truck Status app that helps keep track of the vehicle and its features. We have also made a Driver Decision Support (DDS) app to accompany the new SE5000 Tachograph. It counts down available drive and break time and warns the driver when he is about to exceed drive time limits. To complement the DDS functionality a Route Planning app is included where DDS info is merged with navigation data combined with driving order from the fleet manager.

The integrated rear view mirror system is an exciting part of the FCD4. Replacing the traditional rear view mirrors with displays on the A-pillars can save significantly on fuel consumption and enable added functionality like removing the blind spot. The system also detects if a vehicle is approaching and alerts the driver with a blinking warning in the mirror display. With the help of eye tracking the warning can be acknowledged with a glance at the display.

OPTIMO2 – Tachograph Programming

Increasing the efficiency of tachograph workshops was at the forefront for Stoneridge when developing this latest generation workshop tool. The result was a technology-driven PC based platform, containing many software applications which will not only help workshops with life today, but can easily be updated with new software features in the future. Step into the future of tachograph programming!

  • Wireless programming and calibration for all digital tachographs, including VDO 2.2
  • Option to switch 2nd source of motion function on/off in SE5000 tachographs and all VDO variants
  • With the SE5000 & 1381 Configuration System integrated no need for additional tools
  • Reads, stores and sends important tachograph parameters automatically
  • Hundreds of simple Product Application Sheets
  • Includes Tachograph and Sensor cross reference
  • Extra storage space for pdf documents
  • Dell platform with Windows 10 and Stoneridge – designed electronics
  • Dimensions: 275mm x 190mm x 58mm

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Fully Configurable Dashboard

At IAA 2012 Stoneridge launched the future driver information concept – the FCD3. Stoneridge has combined innovative minds and new technology to create an interactive, advanced and flexible dashboard solution. The FCD3 consists of a full display cluster with two rear view displays that connects to an ordinary Android tablet via wifi.  The tablet replaces today’s center display and can be used as a media player, GPS, climate control, trip computer and for presenting customized body builder information.

Soot Sensor

The Stoneridge Particulate Matter Sensor is a unique and novel approach to exhaust particulate sensing, and joins Stoneridge’s extensive portfolio of quality automotive sensing and control products. Designed and engineered by the Stoneridge, Inc. Control Devices Division, the sensor is capable of withstanding the extreme operating environments encountered in today’s vehicle exhausts. Advanced engineering and testing facilities, extensive manufacturing expertise, and a collaborative customer approach allow Stoneridge to provide an unmatched experience from concept through production.

  • Single-layer alumina element for thermal shock resistance and excellent platinum adhesion
  • Laser-cut electrodes for consistent response, high sensitivity, and fast monitor completion
  • Integrated sensor-heater for efficient heating of the sensing surface during regeneration

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Turbo Charger Electric Wastegate Actuator

Stoneridge designs and manufactures a diverse portfolio of electro-mechanical actuation systems for the most demanding environments. Stoneridge’s Electric Wastegate Actuator provides precise control for greater position accuracy over pneumatic wastegate valves.

  • Field proven gear train
  • High temperature non-contact position sensing technology
  • Lightweight materials with high temperature capability
  • Linear actuation (rotary optional)
  • Compact package

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Transmission Range Control Module

(Shift-by-Wire Actuator)

Stoneridge’s unique “Shift-by-Wire” actuator replaces the function normally controlled by the shift lever in the vehicle cabin. Having a bolt-on solution allows the continued use of existing automatic transmissions/gear boxes with the advantage of “Shift-by-Wire” functionality, freeing up space in the cockpit.

      • The patented failsafe “Return-to-Park” function ensures the vehicle will not endanger lives due to engine malfunction or catastrophic loss of power.
      • “Smart” actuation allows for other safety functions to be integrated into the device such as Drive lockout when a door is open or prevention of unsafe gear selection.

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Capacitive Customer Actuated Switches

Stoneridge’s capacitive switch solutions use a change in capacitance from human touch to activate switch functions in all manner of keypad or push-button applications. Stoneridge’s dual electrode design and patented software algorithms coupled with single chip control ensure design flexibility and economies of scale for multi-switch applications. Stoneridge technology enables the switch to function reliably under adverse environmental conditions such as rain, ice, dirt, dust, chemicals and mechanical shock.

      • Self-calibrating algorithm – Allows switch activation from human touch in presence of changing dielectric environment (e.g. temperature/humidity/moisture)
      • Adjacent key suppression
      • Anti-Swipe Technology

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