Stoneridge designs and manufactures a diverse portfolio of electro-mechanical actuation systems for the most demanding automotive, commercial vehicle and off-road environments.

Integrated Park Module

Stoneridge’s integrated park module is the industry’s first internally mounted transmission actuator for ICE, electric and hybrid vehicles. It’s an intelligent actuator designed to operate inside the transmission in the corrosive automatic transmission fluid. It includes a failsafe to park mechanism and it’s pivotal to reducing noise, sealing and improving packaging within the vehicle.

Features and benefits
  • Integrated fail-safe technology
  • Unique protective coating
  • Output force > 250 N
Typical Applications
  • Eliminates traditional linkages and cable assemblies
  • Replace the function of externally mounted actuators
Typical Properties
  • Operating temperatures: -40C to 120C
  • Shift time < 350ms
  • 11mm of travel
  • Sound level < 65 sones

Park Lock Actuator

Stoneridge’s electromechanical park lock actuators can be used in HEV and EV applications or in vehicles equipped with advanced driver assistance systems. Park-by-wire systems replace the function normally controlled by the shift lever in the vehicle cabin. It can be bolted onto existing transmissions freeing up space in the cabin.  These advanced actuators may also be used in ICE vehicles with DCT, automatic, or CVT transmissions.

Features and benefits
  • Internal to transmission or external mount
  • Non-contact position sensing
  • CAN/LIN Interface possible
  • 300K+ Cycles
  • ASIL A or ASIL B
  • Optional shift-by-wire version for automatic transmissions

Typical Applications

  • Replace the function normally controlled by the shift lever in the vehicle cabin

Canister Vent Solenoid Valve (CVS)

The solenoid based actuators are designed to meet OBD evaporative fuel emissions system requirements. They come in ported and integrated versions and are adaptable to different port directions and connections. Stoneridge also carries dust filters for the CVS family.

Features and benefits
  • Supports OBD (on-board diagnostics) for evaporative emissions control systems
  • Hose connection (ported) and canister integrated valve styles
  • Adaptable to different port directions and different port connection types to a common valve design
  • Mounting location flexibility
  • Improved environmental resistance by reducing leak paths in design
  • Quieter operation with integrated style
  • Magnetic modeling (Ansoft) used in valve design

Typical Applications

  • OBD evaporative emissions systems

Typical Properties

  • Operating temperature: -40°C to 90°C typical
  • Compatible with standard fuels and blends of methanol or ethanol with iso-octane and iso-octane/toluene fuels
  • Mounted to frame or underbody, customer specific
  • Salt spray exposure to 960 hours
  • Zinc and calcium chloride compatibility

Shift-By-Wire Actuator

Stoneridge’s unique shift-by-wire actuator replaces the function normally controlled by the shift lever in the vehicle cabin. It can be bolted onto existing transmissions allowing for increased cabin space.

Features and benefits
  • Multi-position: P-R-N-D-M
  • Redundant non-contact linear position sensing
  • High force (300N)
  • Fail safe return-to-park function
  • CAN/LIN interface
  • >300K cycles
Typical Applications
  • Replaces mechanical shifter in vehicles with automatic transmissions

Driveline Disconnect Actuator

AWD driveline actuator family: Stoneridge designs and manufactures a diverse portfolio of electro-mechanical actuation systems for today’s advanced transportation drivelines. For AWD/4WD systems, we supply actuators for applications such as axle disconnects, transfer cases, PTU disconnects and locking differentials. The integrated electronics combine power control, switching and position indication resulting in fast, efficient and reliable actuation.

Features and benefits
  • Field proven: over 8 million units in operation
  • Non-contact position sensing
  • Linear force ranges from 40N to 200N
  • Temperature ranges -40°C to 140°C
  • Rotary and linear options
  • Designed to withstand harsh under-vehicle environments
Typical Applications
  • Power transfer unit (PTU) disconnect
  • Transfer case mode and shift
  • Axle disconnect
  • Differential lock

E-Axle Disconnect and Gear Shift Actuator

Stoneridge’s e-axle actuators are designed for the electrified driveline systems in EV, HEV or electrified ICE vehicles. Available actuators perform disconnect the e-axle or shift gears in multi-speed e-axle applications. Unique design mounts close to a drive unit shaft assembly. Rotary multi-position actuator, 120 degree rotation.

Features and benefits
  • Rotary multi-position actuator
  • Capable of 120 degree rotation
  • Operating temperature range: -40C to + 120C
  • Operating voltage: 9 – 16 V
  • Nominal torque output: 4 Nm
  • LIN or CAN communication
  • ASIL level A or B

Typical Applications

  • HEV or EV applications where e-axle disconnect or gear shift actuation is required

Stoneridge designs and manufactures highly durable, OE-validated sensors for various vehicle systems, including speed sensors, exhaust sensors, seat track sensors and rotary position sensors.

Seat Track Position Sensor

The control device seat track position sensor (STPS) is contactless, self-contained and completely sealed against the environment. It employs an advanced magnetic circuit and retained magnet which operates with a large sensing air gap. The compact 2-wire Hall effect-based sensor is easily packaged on the seat and is used in vehicles with advanced air bag systems. Excellent field performance on several OEM platforms has demonstrated that this device has proven real-world functionality and overall value.  SCD’s has several variants of seat position sensors including U-channel, RAPS, TAPS and ITPS.

Features and benefits
  • Fully encapsulated electronics
  • Flexible switch points and high gap tolerance
  • A family of sensors fits multiple applications
  • Low-cost designs
  • Excellent field performance on several OEM platforms
Typical Applications
  • Dual stage airbags

Low Temperature Sensors

Stoneridge uses a thermistor sensing element whose resistance changes significantly and predictably with temperature change. The device is made of polycrystalline ceramic material that can produce either a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) or a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) resistance curve. The sensing device which is typically chosen for temperature sensing applications is a NTC thermistor.

Features and benefits
  • Full line of sensor designs to measure and/or control temperatures in typical applications such as engine oil, engine coolant, transmission fluid, inside/outside air, surface (i.e. battery), climate control and many others
  • Sensors rated to measure temperatures from –40°C to +300°C
  • Vertically integrated thermistor design/manufacture and global purchasing capability to meet your programs’ unique R/T curve requirements
Typical Applications
  • Surface: cylinder head, battery
  • Fluid: coolant, oil, ATF, gas
  • Air: inside/outside, manifold, EGRT

High Temperature Sensors

Stoneridge’s family of high temperature (900°C+) sensors use a resistance temperature detector (RTD) which varies directly and linearly with the temperature of its environment.  The ECM utilizes this sensor input to determine differences in air/fuel ratios and other variables that affect exhaust gas emission levels.

Features and benefits
  • Thin film platinum is a proven technology for exhaust gas temperature sensor measurement
  • Fast time response in a closed-tip design offers precise control and robustness in harsh sensing environments
  • Flexible designs in insertion depth as well as straight and bent configurations
  • Global manufacturing and engineering support capability
Typical Applications
  • Control and monitoring of critical after-treatment systems and engine components
  • Diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration control and protection
  • Diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC)
  • NOx storage catalysts (NSC)
  • Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) warming and protection
  • Turbocharger (gasoline and diesel) overheating detection
  • Compliance with on-board diagnostics (OBD) requirements
  • Exhaust gas temperature (EGT) measurement
  • Engine protection against critically high exhaust

Stoneridge’s engineered electrical switch and market-leading connector solutions are designed and manufactured for global automotive, commercial vehicle and agricultural transportation industries.

Trailer Tow Connectors

Stoneridge is the largest provider of trailer tow connectors in North America and has been meeting the connector needs of the transportation industry for decades. Stoneridge provides multiple configurations such as 7-Way, 4-Way, and combination 7+4-Way to both OEM and Aftermarket customers. Our Trailer Tow Connectors have been proven dependable in one of the harshest mounting environments for an electrical device – an exposed external mounting under the rear bumper of a pickup truck or sport utility.

Features and benefits
  • Twist lock, bolt on, and snap-in mounting configurations
  • Advanced moisture management
  • Sealed socket designs
  • Adapters, Plug and Play, and power outlet accessories available

Typical applications

  • Trailer and RV electrical connection to the vehicle

Keyless Entry Keypad Switch

Stoneridge capacitive switch solutions use a change in capacitance from human touch to activate switch functions in all manner of keypad or push-button applications. Tru-Sense™ uses a dual electrode design and patented software algorithms coupled with single chip control ensure design flexibility and economies of scale for multi-switch applications. Stoneridge technology enables the switch to function reliably under adverse environmental conditions such as rain, ice, dirt, dust, chemicals and mechanical shock.

Features and benefits
  • Self-calibrating algorithm – Allows switch activation from human touch in presence of changing dielectric environment (e.g. temperature/humidity/moisture)
  • Adjacent key suppression
  • Anti-Swipe Technology
  • Temperature range: -40 to 85° C
  • Non-contact – Requires no moving parts
  • PCB based technology – depth of switch dependent on component height, surface geometry, connector location; PCB could be placed adjacent or remotely to capacitive traces
  • Low current draw: ex. Quiescent 250uA / 4mA active
  • Switch points are electrode/trace based versus multiple individual switches or capacitive chips
  • Flexible substrate
  • Environmental sealing – can be fully encapsulated or sandwiched between layers
  • Allows use of multiple conductive materials for traces, e.g. clear conductive ink

Typical applications


  • Replace less durable mechanical and membrane switches for trunk release and passive entry door handles
  • PIN Pad keyless entry pads
  • Active badge/emblem switches


  • Ignition switch (PIN Pad)
  • Headlight switches
  • Door panel mounted controls
  • Overhead console
  • Glove box button

Exterior Access Switch

Stoneridge exterior switches benefit from very robust sealing, customer driven ergonomic design, and real world performance. Stoneridge supplies multiple exterior switch applications including: trunk release, hatch release, lift-glass release, door lock activation, and power door activation. Where other switches fail, our sealing design has proven itself capable and effective after more than a decade of production and over tens of millions of switches.

Features and benefits
  • Robust environmental sealing
  • Low current design
  • Excellent warranty performance
  • Low cost
  • Multiple ergonomic and haptic options
  • Integral electrical connector or pig tail harness available
  • Graphics possible

Typical applications

  • Trunk release
  • Hatch release
  • Lift-glass release
  • Power door activation
  • Door lock activation

Door Control Switch Panel

Stoneridge is a market leader on door control switches both multiplexed and coventional high current designs.

Features and benefits
  • State-of-the-art embedded electronics
  • Driver side integrated mirror heat switch and window control module
  • Passenger window door control module
  • Driver side door lock module
  • Passenger side door lock module
  • Single PCB assembly
  • Highly automated manufacturing and cost effectiveness

Typical applications

  • Commercial vehicles, trucks light to heavy classes.

Typical properties

  • 12 volt version available
  • Mirror heat function via CAN
  • Power window up/down 20A
  • Mirror adjust for 2 mirrors (4 motors) 1 A
  • 2 digital inputs
  • 1 Digital Output
Hear it, See it, Touch it, Believe it. Stoneridge Brazil Innovative Car Audio and Infotainment.

As the transportation industry moves toward autonomous vehicles and connectivity, the solutions for infotainment will change along with it. Vehicle infotainment continues to progress, offering touch-screen, internet connectivity and smartphone pairing, and PST Electronics is positioned to lead the charge with its innovative automotive and motorcycle solutions.

A leader in the Brazilian market, Stoneridge designs and manufactures OE and aftermarket premium sound and user-friendly infotainment systems that elevate your driving experience. Solutions include touch-screen infotainment, Bluetooth® and digital central multimedia systems, in-vehicle DVD players, LCD screen audio systems, navigation solutions and more. And when it comes to purchasing car audio and infotainment, Stoneridge Brazil aftermarket brand Pósitron is the name to look for.

Our products range from:

  • Digital multimedia receivers
  • DVD players
  • MP3 players
  • Loudspeakers

Visit Stoneridge Brazil to learn more about infotainment systems.

Enhancing vehicle security and improving vehicle comfort since ’88.

Baseline security systems come standard on your vehicle, but as vehicle technology advances, Stoneridge keeps pace with systems and devices that are stronger, more secure, safer and user-friendly. The same goes for vehicle comfort and convenience. To Stoneridge, the solution is never complete as it looks to innovate the next level in-vehicle security and comfort.

Stoneridge designs and manufactures exceptional security and convenience solutions for automobiles and motorcycles, including state-of-the-art “pinch proof” auto-reverse power windows, theft alarms and anti-theft systems, keyless entry systems supported by smartphone applications, parking sensors, power door locks and more.

When it comes to vehicle safety and comfort, think Stoneridge, the innovating global leader of OEM and aftermarket systems.

Our products range from:

  • Alarms
  • Intelligent Power Window Controllers
  • Reverse Camera
  • Parking Sensors
  • Power Locks

Visit Stoneridge Brazil to learn more about telematics and fleet solutions.

Commmercial Vehicle

Stoneridge’s focus on safety is evidenced by its market-leading MirrorEye® camera monitoring system (CMS) for heavy duty trucking. Stoneridge innovates driver vision systems for the North American commercial vehicle and off-road transportation markets to improve driver safety through better all-around vehicle visibility and improved fuel economy.

Stoneridge vision and safety technologies are backed by decades of European camera design and innovative manufacturing expertise through the company’s Orlaco business unit, which develops camera-based vision solutions for automotive, commercial vehicle, heavy equipment and maritime applications. Orlaco cameras combined with Stoneridge’s driver information technology (display, electronics and system integration) provide a complete, integrated safety solution for OEMs and fleets.

Visit Stoneridge Orlaco to learn more about our vision systems.

Vision Systems

Stoneridge’s focus on safety is evidenced by its market-leading MirrorEye® camera monitor system (CMS) for heavy duty trucking. Stoneridge innovates driver vision systems for the North American commercial vehicle and off-road transportation markets to improve driver safety through better all-around vehicle visibility and improved fuel economy.

Stoneridge vision and safety technologies are backed by decades of European camera design and innovative manufacturing expertise through the company’s Orlaco business unit, which develops camera-based vision solutions for automotive, commercial vehicle, heavy equipment and maritime applications. Orlaco cameras combined with Stoneridge’s driver information technology (display, electronics and system integration) provide a complete, integrated safety solution for OEMs and fleets.

Visit Stoneridge Orlaco to learn more about our vision systems.

MirrorEye® Camera Monitor System (CMS)

Stoneridge MirrorEye® CMS is the first FMCSA exempted* driver vision system that replaces a truck’s mirrors with integrated external digital cameras and digital monitors inside the cab of the truck. This provides the driver with a more complete view of operating conditions over traditional mirrors.

MirrorEye CMS delivers improved driver vision and blind spot elimination. Learn more here.

Stoneridge’s MirrorEye CMS has been proven to meet or exceed the visibility requirements of conventional mirrors. MirrorEye provides the following benefits:

  • Greater field of view and elimination of common blind spots — Three views, including wide angle, narrow angle and passenger-side “look-down” cameras, greatly expand the driver’s field of view and eliminate blind spots
  • Dependable design — Independent video processing of multiple camera images ensures that in the unlikely event of an individual camera failure, the other camera images continue to be displayed. Real-time images are continuously displayed without interruption.
  • Augmented and enhanced vision quality — High-definition digital cameras provide greater fields of view, including color night vision, low light sensitivity, glare reduction, superior views in inclement weather and trailer panning capabilities.
  • Advanced trailer panning — The CMS automatically tracks the end of the trailer to keep it in view while the vehicle is moving forward. This feature could eliminate right-hand turn collisions with motorists and pedestrians.
  • Reduced fuel consumption from aerodynamic design — Removing mirrors during fleet trials and in European trucks has demonstrated a fuel cost savings of roughly two to three percent per year, which in addition to the significant safety benefits, can also improve the operator’s bottom line.
  • 24/7 roadside support — 24/7 roadside support offer drivers peace of mind in the unlikely occurrence of a multi-camera failure or vision obstruction.

*MirrorEye is the first federally approved CMS that allows for complete removal of traditional mirrors in the United States, as exempted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration [Read more]. The system is available for aftermarket and retrofit truck installation in the United States.

To learn more about Stoneridge’s European MirrorEye system for bus and coach, please click here.

Features and benefits
  • High resolution 12.3” display at 1920 x 720 pixels
  • CAN interface (vehicle data interface) level capacity
  • Operating temperature: -40 to 85 degrees Celsius
  • Handles 12V and 24V OEM voltage levels and requirements
  • Reduces drag and fuel consumption by 2-3%
  • Fully automotive-qualified parts: OEM-quality
  • Look down HD camera with display resolution of 1280 x 760 pixels
  • Up to 8 HD cameras can be connected with up to 6 simultaneous views
  • Views can be cropped and sized
  • Configurable display layout
  • Ethernet interface

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Stoneridge specializes in high-volume commercial vehicle products and driver information systems. Today, we are a market-leading supplier of instrument clusters to many of the leading global commercial vehicle OEMs.

Instrument Clusters

Stoneridge instrument clusters are at the core of delivering vehicle operating data to the driver, whether it is a classic analog gauge cluster or a fully reconfigurable full TFT display cluster with animated 3D graphics. Our first mass produced electronic instrument cluster was introduced to the market in 1988. Since then, our instrument clusters have been designed and built using Stoneridge advances in hardware and software platforms and are adapted to meet each customer’s vehicle-specific requirements.

Features and benefits
  • State-of-the-art embedded electronics
  • High-resolution automotive grade TFT displays
  • User-friendly HMI and ergonomic designs
  • Tool chain driven advanced graphics software platforms
  • Flexible language and graphics support
  • Automotive grade design and quality
  • Highly automated manufacturing and cost effectiveness
  • Global footprint and support

Typical applications

  • Light- to heavy-class trucks and busses
  • Construction and off-road vehicles
  • Agricultural vehicles

Stoneridge is a leading provider of tachographs and compliance solutions for the Commercial Vehicle Industry. Decades of design and manufacturing, coupled with our insight and experience allows us to ensure customers receive exactly what they want: highly reliable and robust products, backed up by a professional after-sales service.


FleetArc is a telematics solution which connects your vehicles to the back office, through one simple interface, giving you a comprehensive view on vehicle data such as location and speed, Hours of Service and fleet maintenance management.

Features and benefits
  • Automatic software updates in real-time
  • Utilizes reliable LTE network with coverage in US, Canada and Mexico
  • 24/7 GPS tracking of your vehicles for improved asset management
  • Geofencing, providing real time updates to better manage fleet planning
  • Full integration with your existing EZ-ELD – manage your fleet with 1 back office login
  • Different authority levels in back office mean fleet owners with different DOT numbers can view entire fleet while their fleet managers view only their own assets
  • Advanced internal antenna design provides flexible mounting locations anywhere in the cab
  • Connection to driver’s own device or optional screen to view information in-cab
  • Highest level of security for your data


Stoneridge’s electronic logging device, EZ-ELD, is a truck driver’s and fleet manager’s simplest solution to tracking, managing, and sharing records of duty status (RODS) data from any commercial vehicle with a 6-pin, 9-pin or OBD-II port.

With more than 60 years of experience serving commercial vehicle fleets and a leader in the European tachograph market, Stoneridge’s EZ-ELD is designed with the truck driver in mind, making it easy to install, easy to use, and an affordable way to comply with the 2018 ELD mandate.

With ELD legislation affecting over 3 million drivers, the Stoneridge EZ-ELD is a simple, quick and reliable solution to fleet safety and driver compliance.

Features and benefits
  • Quick and simple ‘plug and play’ installation
  • Stress-free and secure
  • Supported by 24-hour customer service
  • The only ELD solution that comes with 6-pin, 9-pin and OBD-II interchangeable connectors included
  • Unique Scan and Drive truck pairing
  • No hidden fees and no contract
  • Super-simple user interface for drivers via mobile app (Android and iOS)
  • $15/month subscription includes DVIR and IFTA reporting
  • 6 months of data storage on device
  • Unlimited drivers per device
  • Free installation, set-up and training
  • An easy and cost-effective way to manage your fleet

To learn more about Stoneridge EZ-ELD, visit

Digital Tachograph – SE5000 Exakt Duo2

The SE5000 Exakt Duo2 is engineered to meet the European driver’s needs. The smartest One Minute Rule digital tachograph yet, it comes as standard with our tried and tested Duo Technology, the decision support tool that gives drivers real-time updates on driving and rest time. It enables them to easily keep track of their journey, optimize their time on the road and helps to stay legal and reduce infringements by an average of 60%. The Duo Technology has also been enhanced with Working Time Directive calculations and ferry and train support.

Features and benefits
  • Drive and rest time countdowns
  • Helps keep within drivers’ hours’ legislation
  • Working Time Directive calculations
  • Advanced period of availability mode
  • An average of 45 minutes extra driving time gained*
  • Improves driver and vehicle utilization
  • Super-fast download times
  • Simple and intuitive manual entries
  • 2-year unlimited mileage warranty
  • Free online training tools
  • Free apps to help your driver with his day**

*On average – results depend on driving pattern.
**Apps require purchase of tacho link dongle.

Typical properties

For more product information on the SE5000 Exakt Duo2 tachograph, including videos and an in-depth online training tool, please visit
To contact us about the SE5000 Exakt Duo2, please visit

Optimo2 Tachograph Programming

Optimo2 is the latest in tachograph programming technology, designed with the user in mind. Building on the success of the Optimo tachograph programmer, Optimo2 incorporates the same great software apps in the latest technology tablet. Focusing on speed and ease of use, Optimo2 provides wireless calibration of all digital tachographs, has a 10-inch touch-screen and is available in 18 languages.

Features and benefits
  • Wireless programming and calibration for all digital tachographs, including VDO 2.2
  • Option to switch second source of motion function on/off in SE5000 tachographs and all VDO variants
  • With the SE5000 and 1381 configuration system integrated no need for additional tools
  • Reads, stores and sends important tachograph parameters automatically
  • Hundreds of simple product application sheets
  • Includes tachograph and sensor cross reference
  • Extra storage space for PDF documents
  • Dimensions: 275mm x 190mm x 58mm

For more information on Optimo2, please visit

OPTAC3 Tachograph Analysis

The OPTAC3 Tachograph Analysis software makes tachograph analysis quick, easy and convenient. It is designed with efficiency in mind, saving your business valuable time and money and keeping your working days hassle free.

The main aim of OPTAC3 Tachograph Analysis is to keep your drivers legal and compliant with the drivers’ hours’ legislation and the Working Time Directive. It automatically checks the tachograph data against legislation and displays summaries and infringements in a clear, easy to understand format.

With 40+ different driver & vehicle reports in 19 languages, tachograph analysis has never been so easy.

Features and benefits
  • Fast data import/export
  • View data and automatically identify infringements
  • Analyze data against drivers’ hours law and WTD
  • Generate driver/vehicle reports and letters quickly
  • Easy-to-use software with onscreen help for each step
  • Regular and automatic updates with new features/improvements
  • Tachograph data can be sent directly into OPTAC3 via remote download technology

Typical properties

For more information, visit the OPTAC site at
To contact us about the OPTAC3 product range please visit

Data Download Tools

The OPTAC Download Tool is one of the most flexible tachograph download tools on the market. This portable handheld unit can download information from a digital tachograph or driver smartcard. Use anywhere – the depot, home and away from base.

Features and benefits
  • Simple to use
  • Handheld and portable
  • Robust and durable
  • Integrated smartcard reader
  • Location options for driver downloads
  • Stand-alone operation
  • Can copy data to OPTAC memory stick
  • Replaceable connectors

We have a broad range of affordable digital tachograph card readers and download tools to make it easy to download and analyze driver card and tachograph data. Our download tools are suitable for use in the depot, at home and even remotely via GPRS technology from anywhere in the world.

Typical Applications

For more information please visit
For more information about the OPTAC Download Tool, please contact us via

Analogue Tachographs

The Stoneridge analogue tachographs cover a huge range of trucks and applications, are easy to fit, and come with a 2-year unlimited mileage warranty.

The two types of analogue tachographs available are the 2400 Radio Style Tachograph and the 8400 Circular Tachograph.

Features and benefits

2400 Radio Style Tachograph:

  • Full range to suit most vehicles
  • Programmable fourth stylus on most models
  • Accommodates a range of input speed signals
  • No battery replacement necessary
  • Serial data output
  • New and FRU types

8400 Circular Tachograph:

  • Circular conventional speedometer display
  • Superior unlimited mileage warranty
  • Full range to suit most vehicles
  • Uses standard charts
  • 12 or 24v option
  • 125 km/h, 140 km/h and 180 km/h
  • 1 or 2 driver options
  • Four stylus versions to record revs and events available
  • Circular conventional speedometer display
  • Superior unlimited mileage warranty
  • Full range to suit most vehicles
  • Uses standard charts
  • 12 or 24v option
  • 125 km/h, 140 km/h & 180 km/h
  • 1 or 2 driver options
  • Four stylus versions to record revs and events available

Typical Applications

For more information visit

Telematic On-board Units

Stoneridge has been a pioneer in the telematic systems segment and a key supplier to the world’s leading global commercial vehicle OEMs. We offer a broad range of telematics platform designs spanning from small, low cost tracking and communications black box telematics to advanced ARM and PowerPC-based Linux telematics systems for integration with vehicle diagnostics and fleet management. Today we rank as the market leader of OEM telematics systems for commercial vehicles in many of the world’s markets.

Features and benefits
  • State-of-the-art embedded electronics and systems
  • Real-time software and embedded Linux OS designs
  • Wireless technologies such as 2G/3G mobile networks, Bluetooth, ZigBee and Wi-Fi
  • Positioning technologies such as GPS, Galileo and GLONASS
  • High-speed communication busses, such as CAN, USB and Ethernet
  • Power supply backup using super capacitors or batteries
  • Automotive-grade design and quality
  • Highly automated manufacturing and cost effectiveness
  • Global footprint and support

Typical applications

  • Light- to heavy-class trucks and busses
  • Construction and off-road vehicles
  • Agricultural vehicles

Body & Cab Control Units

The environment in which an ECU is placed varies; it can be on the chassis of a truck or bus, and it can be in the engine compartment or driver’s cabin. Our mechanical and electronics engineers are skilled in designing ECUs for all mounting requirements and for operation under extreme conditions and temperatures.

We pride ourselves in achieving the expected performance, functionality and quality that our customers expect. We know that the standardization of all work processes and best practices is key to our success factored at every level from engineering to testing to manufacturing.

Features and benefits
  • State-of-the-art embedded electronics and systems
  • Vehicle specific logic and I/O configurations
  • Advanced AUTOSAR systems and J1939 and J1708 data link interfaces
  • Communication busses such as CAN, LIN and FlexRay
  • ISO26262 functional safety competence
  • Full 24-volt and 12-volt system competence
  • Rugged mechanics and thermal management designs
  • Automotive grade design and quality
  • Highly automated manufacturing and cost effectiveness
  • Global footprint and support

Typical applications

  • Light- to heavy-class trucks and busses
  • Construction and off-road vehicles
  • Agricultural vehicles

Locking and Alarm Control Units

Safety and security remains a key business focus of Stoneridge as it commits resources to the development and supply of key fobs and locking and alarm control units for the leading OEMs around the world. Stoneridge has the competence to supply a broad range of standard and custom-engineered control modules with features such as wireless two-way communication with key fobs, locking and alarm control of cabin doors and compartments for truck, bus and off-road vehicles.

Features and benefits
  • State of the art embedded electronics and systems
  • Vehicle specific logic and I/O configurations
  • Two-way wireless communication with key fobs
  • Immobilizer communication and control
  • Control of alarm functionality
  • AUTOSAR compliant systems, J1939 and J1708 data link interfaces
  • Communication busses such as CAN and LIN
  • Full 24-volt and 12-volt system competence
  • Automotive grade design and quality
  • Highly automated manufacturing and cost effectiveness
  • Global footprint and support

Typical applications

  • Light- to heavy-class trucks and busses
  • Construction and off-road vehicles
  • Agricultural vehicles

Door Control Modules

The engineering departments at Stoneridge have developed door control ECUs for the leading OEMs around the world for many years. Stoneridge supplies a broad range of door control ECUs from standard units to highly customized and complex setups for a variety of applications in different truck and off-road environments.

Features and benefits
  • State-of-the-art embedded electronics and systems
  • Vehicle specific logic and I/O configurations
  • Advanced AUTOSAR systems, J1939 and J1708 data link interfaces
  • Communication busses such as CAN and LIN
  • Full 24-volt and 12-volt system competence
  • Control of window and mirror lock motors
  • Window anti-pinch control
  • Mirror heating control
  • Keyless entry and wireless locking control
  • Rugged mechanics and thermal management designs
  • Automotive-grade design and quality
  • Highly automated manufacturing and cost effectiveness
  • Global footprint and support

Typical applications

  • Light- to heavy-class trucks and busses
  • Construction and off-road vehicles
  • Agricultural vehicles
Precise tracking. Dependable software. Powerful fleet management.

Stoneridge Brazil is a leading telematics provider in Brazil, designing smart and dependable fleet management technology to aid in the increased productivity and management of fleets. With reliable uptime, you can trust that essential data is being transmitted efficiently from your fleet to your management software.

The company’s customer-centric solutions are backed by three decades of experience in automotive electronicstachograph design and manufacturing, and include fleet tracking software, service, engine and fuel management software, and HOS/IFTA compliance solutions.

Trust your fleet management to the leaders in the Brazilian market for fleet tracking and management products – Stoneridge Brazil.

Our products range from:

  • Loading Solutions
  • Mobile Tracking Solutions
  • Telemetry Solutions
  • Solutions in Digital Logistics and Delivery
  • Fleet Solutions

Visit Stoneridge Brazil to learn more about our unrivaled telematics and fleet solutions.