Driveline Disconnect Actuator

AWD driveline actuator family: Stoneridge designs and manufactures a diverse portfolio of electro-mechanical actuation systems for today’s advanced transportation drivelines. For AWD/4WD systems, we supply actuators for applications such as axle disconnects, transfer cases, PTU disconnects and locking differentials. The integrated electronics combine power control, switching and position indication resulting in fast, efficient and reliable actuation.

Features and benefits
  • Field proven: over 8 million units in operation
  • Non-contact position sensing
  • Linear force ranges from 40N to 200N
  • Temperature ranges -40°C to 140°C
  • Rotary and linear options
  • Designed to withstand harsh under-vehicle environments
Typical Applications
  • Power transfer unit (PTU) disconnect
  • Transfer case mode and shift
  • Axle disconnect
  • Differential lock